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A nonprofit, or non-profit corporation, is a company or organization formed for purposes other than making a profit. Like standard for-profit corporations, nonprofits provide limited liability protection. The personal assets of directors and officers typically cannot be used to satisfy the debts or liabilities of the nonprofit.

Advantages of a nonprofit corporation

Nonprofit corporations typically offer certain benefits:

How do you form a nonprofit corporation?

Non-profit corporations follow state laws that are very different from those of standard corporations—but the business formation process is very similar. Non-profit Articles of Incorporation must be filed with the state and applicable state filing fees paid. In order for your nonprofit to become tax-exempt, Form 1023 must be filed with and approved by the IRS. Some states also require a state-level tax-exempt status filing.

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Expedited Processing of Document Filings:

Any Domestic or Foreign Corporation, Limited Partnership, or Limited Liability Company Filing:
A document submitted to the GA Secretary of State (Only) for expedited filing will be reviewed and a filing response
indicating whether the document has been filed or rejected will be sent to the filer or contact person within
the time frame of the requested level of expedited service. The expedited fee is in addition to the regular
filing fee associated with the document type or service requested. The expedited review period is during
business hours only, and excludes weekends and state holidays.

Disclaimer: Crim Group is not an attorney or law firm and does not provide legal advice. Nothing in this information is intended nor should it be considered legal advice. We are not attorneys, we offer Legal Document Preparation to the public at their specific direction. 

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