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Altar Call Temple & Tour Outreach Program

Crim Group Foundation is a non- profit organization that specializes in empowerment throughout metro city areas. Our outreach programs offer evangelism and inspirational music as a bridge to provide critical community service with resources. Our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through Love and Humanitarianism.

Our programs:Screen Shot 2020 05 23 at 1.01.49 PMAltar Call Tour (Outreach)

  • Altar Call Temple (Bible Study)
  • A.C.T Foundation (Accepting Challenges Today)
  • Budgeting (Understanding Finance)
  • Computer Technology
  • Career Training
  • Crim Stables (Horse Park & Retreat)
  • Dealing with Job Loss
  • Discovering You
  • Dressing for Success
  • Interviewing (Employment Prep)
  • Networking (Connecting Partners & Resources)
  • Pennies 4 Many (NICU Preemies Awareness)
  • Top Flight (Talent Of People Flight Life In God's Hands Today)
  • And more programs coming soon...
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