Members Club Fees

Base price $150.00
Sales price $150.00

Monthly Members Club Fee

  • Why is my back office login inactive? If your annual membership fee or $150.00 monthly online access fees are past due more than 30 days your account will be suspended until payment is made. A reactivation fee may be required for agents to submit new business. No commissions, residuals, bonuses or referral incentives can be received until the account is active and in good standing. All accounts will be turn over to management permanently and our independent sales agreement can be terminated (Optional). The back office fees can also be auto drafted monthly for your convenience to avoid any interruption with your membership. 

Note: Monthly Membership Fee of $150.00 is auto drafted on 1st of each month. 

  • If payment is not received by the 5th of each month at 5:00pm EST your membership will be temporarily suspended.