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Class of goods & services

Package Includes:

Prepare Application with Federal, State and Common Law Search Report

  • Administrative Preparation Fee $150 Hr. 10 Hour Block.
  • U.S. Government filing fees included. (One Class Only) per class of goods/services 
  • Idenify goods and services. Goods are products and Activities are services.
  • TESS, TEAS, and ID Manual national search.
  • Professionally Prepare a U.S. federal trademark application.
  • Complete search strategy to uncover any exact or similar trademarks at the U.S. Federal, 50-State and Common Law sources.
  • Search of pending and registered Federal trademarks.
  • Search of pending and registered trademarks from all 50 States.
  • Search of active trademarks from Common Law sources including.
  • Speciment/Allegation of Use Fee include one class. Additional fees will apply for multipule class filings.
  • Internet domain name search of the popular extensions, including .com
  • Analytical search of phonetically similar mark names by using powerful search queries including: wildcards, root words, multi-character substitutions, word segments and permutations, character replacement truncation variations, pseudo marks, and more.
  • Review application for completeness and accuracy.
  • Documents will be shipped to you via FedEx with tracking.
  • Application Submission Time 30 to 90 business days.
  • Application Approval Time with Trademark Office 6 months - 1 year depending of the particular mark.  
Disclaimer: Crim Group Administration Service is not an attorney or law firm and does not provide legal advice. Nothing in this information is intended nor should it be considered legal advice. We are not attorneys, we offer document preparation to the public at their specific direction.