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Commercial & Video Production

Base price $1,500.00
Campaign Radius
Length of Presentation
Production Budget
For custom props, set, display & actors etc...
Advertising Budget
Ad Frequency Package
Drone Videography & Photography

We can produce a wide range of commercials, from short 30 second spots to 20 minute instructional video, and we bring the same focus and creative energy to both. During the production process our advertising & marketing department will customized a campaign according to your target market and budget. 

$1,500.00 Base Retainer Fee is required to start treatment:

Production Process:Video & Commercial Ads

  • Standard Production Rate $1,000 & Up Per Finished Minute.
  • Custom Treatment & Video Layout
  • Scripting from Concept to Final Client Approved 
  • Review of script with Television Media Outlets
  • Full Shoot Preparation and Pre-Production
  • 4K 6K CINEMA CAMERA Multimedia Solutions
  • Shooting with Red & Sony High Definition Camera, Full Lighting and Audio 
  • Digital Copy of all Raw Footage
  • Recording of Voice Over in Professional Studio 
  • Voice Talent / Narrator and Editing of Visuals and Sound
  • Titles and Graphics
  • Background Music
  • Final Delivery in HD File Format
  • Final Television Media Outlets Service Approval
Drone Videography & Photography/Interior & Exterior Ground Photography 
Videography Home or Business Tours: (Ground and Interior)
  • 100-2499 SqFt: $350.00
  • 2500 - 3000 SqFt: $550.000
  • 3001- 3600 SqFt: $750.00
Photography Home or Business: (Ground and Interior)
  • 100-2499 SqFt: $350.00
  • 2500 - 3000 SqFt: $550.00
  • 3001- 3600 SqFt: $750.00

Business Center

If you are intrested in starting a new business or building your existing brand, you're in the right place for success. Our management team has the experience in servicing projects of all sizes.

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