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Altar Call Tour is a division of the CRIM Foundation Non Profit/501c3 organization that specializes in youth empowerment throughout metro city areas. Our outreach programs offer evangelism and inspirational music as a bridge to provide critical community service with resources. Our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through Love and Humanitarianism. For more information visit the Resource Center.

Our programs:

Altar Call Tour (Outreach)

  • Altar Call Temple (Bible Study)
  • A.C.T Foundation (Accepting Challenges Today)
  • Budgeting (Understanding Finance)
  • Computer Technology
  • Career Training
  • Crim Stables (Horse Park & Retreat)
  • Dealing with Job Loss
  • Discovering You
  • Dressing for Success
  • Interviewing (Employment Prep)
  • Networking (Connecting Partners & Resources)
  • Pennies 4 Many (NICU Preemies Prevention)
  • Top Flight (Talent Of People Flight Life In God's Hands Today)
  • And more programs coming soon...