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Crim Group always provides professional and prompt service. I have referred Crim Group to several other business owners who said his prices were competitive and the work efficient. They are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. I was able to meet deadlines and they were there to implement the necessary changes.

Type of services we provided? Logos, Website, Business Cards, and Vehicle Wraps and Graphics.

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Tiffany Wiggins








The Crim Group representative that consulted me first listened and catered to my company needs. In addition they were very knowledgeable and informative. I would recommend this company to anyone who is interested in starting or growing their business.

Type of services we provided? Consulting & Incorporating LLC.

Jeremiah OdehJ Odeh









I am so pleased with the work that was done on my car, the Breast Cancer ribbons. This has brought so much attention to my car, from people taking photos to winning a trophy at a Car Show.  And by them putting my sisters name on it (PHYLLIS who died from cancer) gave my car a soul.  I'm always asked where did I get it done and I proudly let them know "Crim Group".  

I will admit that I am not the man that wears pink. But thanks to Crim Group, I don't mind driving pink. Thank you guys so much for the Beautiful job you've done, I will promote your business forever. 

Type of services we provided? Vehicle Graphics

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Bill Watson

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Crim Group Incorporation has done nothing other than, provide CLS with all the essential to be a successful running business. CGI made note of my vision and future for CLS from the beginning and has stayed right with us to this day. CLS is still growing in many ways but with less worries having CGI behind the helm. Thanks to the Crim Group employees CLS Landscaping Services is in a position to reach our full potential with the use of CGI and the resources provided.

Type of services we provided? Consulting, Incorporating, Advertising, Merchant Services, Website, Logo, Vehicle Graphics, and Management.


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Calvin Beckles








The Crim Group was able to answer all of my questions in regards to the next steps in marketing, branding, taxes, and so much more.  I have begun working in the direction with clear vision with the project management solutions provided by CGI. We admittedly diversified our brand and services as a result of their advice. Our team notice an increase in our net profits quickly. 

Type of services we provided? Consulting & Entertainment Management. 

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CEO/President of Gappstar Ent.







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If you are intrested in starting a new business or building your existing brand, you're in the right place for success. Our management team has the experience in servicing projects of all sizes.

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