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In this article is a list of frequently asked questions about the GA filing requirements and setup. Each state differs contact our office for more details.

  • US DOT Number: A DOT number is NOT authority to operate. It is actually your Motor Carrier Identification Report (MCS-150). You are required to make a biennial update or when changes occur to your business information. We will get your DOT number and assist you in making any updates during your first year of operation.
  • Operating Authority: Our fee includes one application for Motor Carrier operating authority (OP-1). Your authority will NOT be activated until the minimum amount of insurance ($750,000) has been filed with FMCSA. $750,000 is the minimum level required if you are hauling general commodities (non-hazardous), however, many brokers and shippers may require more. NOTE: While you may consider getting broker authority in addition to motor carrier authority, be advised that in order for broker authority to be activated a $75,000 bond must be posted with FMCSA. We have an insurance division and access to bonds if required for a new start-up.
  • BOC-3: Our fee includes filing your Designation of Process Agents for Service of Process (BOC-3) form. This is a one-time filing with FMCSA. Federal regulations require that you have someone in each state who can be served legal papers if necessary.
  • Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) registration: Our service includes filing your UCR application for up to 2 trucks. UCR fees must be paid annually.

NOTE: Current annual UCR fees as set by the UCR Board are: 0-2 vehicles $76, 3-5 vehicles $227, 6-20 vehicles $452, 21-100 vehicles $1,576, 101-1000 vehicles $7,511, and 1001 or more vehicles $73,346.

  • State Permits: We will supply you with the required forms and guidance to apply for your IRP registration.

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