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Altar Call Tour Gospel Contest Official Rules and Regulations 

The following is a list of rules that will govern the April 1st, 2023 talent competition. All participants are to adhere to all of the following rules! There will be NO EXCEPTIONS! All decisions of the Talent committee and judges are FINAL. 

1. There is no age limit to compete. All ages are welcome. 

2. Your performance may include singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, playing in a band or any combination of the above, along with such

    things as comedy, poetic reading, etc. It is important to remember that ALL performances should be geared to FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT and that  

    improper language or content in the act are UNACCEPTABLE and will be disqualified from the competition! 

3. All applications and a NON-refundable $50.00 registration fee must be submitted to A.C.T to the attention of Kenneth Crim, Stage Manager3348

    Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326by March 25th, 2023 by the 6:00PM. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Payments via Cash App, Zelle

    or online at yactnow.org is acceptable. 

4. If a contestant drops out of the competition the entry fee will not be refunded. 

5. Your performance is limited to 3.5 minutes. Contestants will supply their own music (CD or Digital Format) with one song. Singers must have only instrumental CDs FREE of lead vocals, all CDs must be performance ready. These rules will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Points may be deducted for not following these regulations by judge’s discretion. 

6. Accompanists are permitted on stage, but must not assume visual importance in the performance. 

7.  Auditions are mandatory! No one will be allowed to compete without first auditioning. You will be notified if you are selected to compete in the live

    contest April 1st 2023. 

8. The auditions will take place at the 120 Ralph McGill Building 3 Atlanta, GA . 

9. You MUST adhere to the application you submitted that describes your performance. Any deviation from the application will result in disqualification. 

10. Proper attire is an absolute MUST! All acts must be stage ready. Props and costumes will be viewed for appropriateness at the time of audition and
     dress rehearsal, and MUST not be changed for the final performance. 

11. All participants must act responsibly and be on their best behavior at all times. 

The following are the criteria from which all contestants will be judged. 

  • Talent
  • Audience & Aesthetic Appeal 
  • Originality & Creativit
  • Skill Level 

12. One Grand Prize Winning All decisions of the judges are FINAL! 

13. Talent chosen for the live show will participate in a mandatory publicity photo/video shoot.

      Failure to appear at the event will result in disqualification. 

Please retain these rules and regulations for your reference. 

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